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Pioneer Girls School is a sister School to Pioneer School Maragua. The Girls High School builds on the success of Pioneer School and its establishment fulfills the founder’s vision of to not only afford girls the same opportunity, but also to raise the bar to the quest for equal opportunities in higher education, in the workplace, and in leadership.

Academic excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We are fully confident that Pioneer Girls School will perform at the same level as Pioneer Boys School which has risen as one of the top secondary schools in KCSE performance. Our two high schools have a clear set of co-operative values; self-help, self-responsibility, equity, equality, and solidarity. These values underpin everything we do as we create opportunities for our students.



Dr. Peter K. Munga (E.G.H, C.B.S)


Mr. John Gichengo


Ms. Margaret Kongo

Educating Leaders and Agents of Change

The importance of including women in all facets of leadership in society is now universally recognized. In Kenya this recognition is entrenched in the constitution, by the provision requiring that all public institutions to have minimum of one third of each gender in all positions of leadership.

It is a primary endeavor of our school to prepare girls for leadership, so that they can aspire to lead and deliver on the responsibilities of leadership. Leadership development has been integral to both curricular and extra-curricular programmes in the school. This has included mentorship and counseling geared towards cultivating confidence, integrity, ambition, responsibility and the desire to serve the society.

It is our belief that if these values are cultivated at an early age, affirmative action for women will become redundant since girls and women will be able to compete on equal footing.

Strategic Highlights

Over several years, many parents and guardians of Pioneer school have increasingly requested the management of Pioneer Group of Schools to establish a girls’ school equivalent and modelled on the same vision and values of those of boys’ school. In view of growing interest and demand from parents, guardians and friends, the management decided to establish Pioneer Girls School.

Pioneer Girls School is a new girl’s secondary school offering 8-4-4 curriculum. A sister School to the Pioneer Boys School, its establishment fulfills the vision of founders of Pioneer Boys School to not only afford girls the same opportunity, but also rise to the challenge of achieving gender parity in higher education, in the workplace and in leadership.

The school has excellent resources, and it is at the forefront of technology initiatives with an extensive network system providing access to electronic resources. The school places a very high focus on ensuring quality learning and providing opportunities for gifted girls. The school culture is one of high expectations, where students are safe to take intellectual risks within a very supportive and caring environment.

  • 1 Swimming pool,
  • Dormitories
  • Tuition Blocks
    • 8 classrooms in each Form
    • staffroom and a form masters office and a study room
  • 6 Science laboratories; Aviation, Biology, Physics & Chemistry
  • Aviation workshop
  • 2 networked computer labs
  • 1Chinese teaching lab (Mandarin)
  • 100-seater boardroom suited at the admin block.
  • In- house Bakery
  • Laundry unit
  • Three exam halls
  • Multi–purpose halls
  • Stand by generator


Aviation represents one of the final frontiers of women in the professional realms. It is an industry that is still male dominated here in Kenya and globally. To date, in Kenya we have only a handful of women commercial pilots.

At Pioneer Girls School, we have set ourselves the goal of shattering this glass ceiling. We are setting ourselves the goal of increasing the percentage of women commercial pilots in Kenya to at least twenty percent by 2020.

The impact of this endeavor we believe goes beyond the aviation sector, by providing girls throughout the country with role models that demonstrate that what boys can do, girls can do as well if not better.

Aviation is offered to those who select it at no extra cost and is examinable by the KNEC at KCSE. Flying is offered during the school holidays in partnership with the Kenya School of Flying at a subsidized rate.

It leads to the award of a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and is regulated by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

Mandarin Language

This is taught to all students in Forms One and Two, giving them proficiency in both written and spoken Mandarin by the end of Form Two.

The language gives our students an edge over the others after Form Four considering that China is now a big player in global economy and Chinese people constitute a fifth of the world’s population.

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Kiswahili
  4. Biology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Physics
  7. History
  8. Geography
  9. Religious Education
  10. Business Studies
  11. Computer Studies
  12. Home Science
  13. Aviation


Pioneer Gils High School creates a supportive environment of high expectations where the girl can become a resilient, well-rounded high achiever with a keen social conscience and a desire to enrich and lead society in the future. Since 2013 Pioneer Girls has achieved outstanding success in all areas of society.

Both the parents and students appreciate the benefits of an all-girls environment in that we create a culture of achievement where their accomplishments are what matters. As both learners and individuals, our girls benefit in lasting ways as we cultivate a clear sense of purpose. We find that the all-girls environment encourages the girls to achieve:

  • stronger self-esteem
  • greater self-confidence
  • broader leadership opportunities
  • higher aspirations

All students enjoy the equality of opportunity necessary to fulfill their potential, are well-prepared for further education, and have the confidence to face an ever-changing global environment. To ensure this, PGS provides the broad 8-4-4 curriculum and places great emphasis on giving students the flexibility to choose the preferred subjects in Form 3 as guided by the Ministry of Education.

In all aspects of school life, whether through lessons or through the extensive co-curricular program, PGS allows students the opportunity to excel. Our inspirational teachers foster a culture of scholarship, creativity, and inquiry, and develop student’s ability to work confidently both independently and with others.

2021 General Information Booklet

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