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Special Programs

Special Programs

The following special programs are offered at Pioneer Girls School

1. Aviation

Aviation is offered to those who select it at no extra cost and is examinable by the KNEC at KCSE. Flying is offered during the school holidays in partnership with the Kenya School of Flying at a subsidised rate.

It leads to the award of a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and is regulated by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

2. Mandarin (Chinese Language)

This is taught to all students in Forms One and Two students, giving them proficiency in both written and spoken Mandarin by the end of Form Two.

The language gives our students an edge over the others after Form Four considering that China is now a big player in global economy and Chinese people constitute a fifth of the world’s population.

3. Exchange Programs

We have a vibrant partnership and exchange program for the flying students with Hanseo University in South Korea, which is one of the largest private universities and the leading Flying School in the Asian continent.

4. Information Technology

We offer computer training in our state-of-the art computer laboratories fully connected to a high speed fiber optic cable Internet.

We have been the leading school in Computer Studies for several years.


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